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The world around us does not always bring positive emotions. Sometimes it saves only immersion in a virtual world that is becoming more affordable every year. We come up with the character of the ideal , which is all right in life and get along with him his fictitious life , apart from the pressing problems. Such a character was nice girl Sue and soon gained popularity with girls' contingent of players. Every child wants to at least occasionally break away from excessive parental care and do what he wants. The girls would like to at least a day to live like an adult lady : visit beauty salons , fashion boutiques , change clothes without end, to prepare delicious meals . Sue embodied all of a girl's dreams, she - a small, but quite independent girl. Her life - a permanent holiday . First, we 're going with her to the salon , so only choose clothes for a way out. Fashionista wardrobe with Sue - wide , it is the envy of even Barbie . There's no hurry , you can spend hours trying on dresses , blouses , skirts, pick them accessories , shoes. When Sue finally dressed , you need to fix your face and hair. You can not be afraid that my mother would scold spoiled for lipstick or nail polish in a virtual Sue all his own, and the range is such that my mother never dreamed of. Do you want to stay a princess ? Baby Sue - The Princess and prepares for the royal ball. She has a meeting with a handsome prince and must again deal with clothes and appearance. Where 's our luxurious royal wardrobe? Is wanted and Sue - the designer . She comes up with the design for her room and selects furniture , curtains and decor . There are still so many interesting things. You can bake a delicious cake, flavored muffins in the bakery or make your own sandwiches, and then decorate all meals. You do not have a dog , and Sue - there. She loves her dog and you'll be helping to care for the animals , bathing him, brushing , doing feeding. Despite his young age , Sue could even open his sushi restaurant and receive visitors . All Games for Girls Sue are intended to enable you to realize your dreams in a virtual reality. Perhaps doing this or that thing with Sue , you will find his calling , his life's work , or learn many useful things , such as Sue can accustom to the order , because it's so chistyulya or teach you how to use makeup and choose a dress for a party . If you've dreamed of making music , Sue will help you in this . Made friends with Sue you will realize that nothing is impossible , you need only your greatest wish.

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