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The rules of "Battleship", most likely, are known to everyone. You and your opponent rascherchivaete on sheets of graph paper with two square 10x10, was setting up its fleet of several ships of different lengths, and start this sea battle! At a time when computers and the Internet were the more accessible is not to everyone, this unpretentious game was a real "multi-user" entertainment for children and adults. Now playing in the sea battle online can anyone who has a computer and the Internet. The sea and warships on paper looked like sets of white squares, so most likely, the players included all their imagination and imagination to feel the rumble of guns, huge waves rolling on the deck of the ships and the deafening explosions when hit by an enemy cruiser, destroyer or battleship . But in order to play in the sea battle online, imagination is not needed - you will see firsthand the terrible war ships and flying projectiles, as well as hear the real sound of the sea. Will not have to draw anything on paper - simply drag and drop the realistic figures on your fleet of ships on the grid board game and start the battle. Of course, you will have to play against a live opponent does not, and artificial intelligence game. All games Battleship do not like each other, like its design and innovation in the gameplay. For example, a greater variety of gameplay can often be used ships of non-rectangular shapes, with several consecutive hit, you may be given a bonus radar (opens a certain area of ​​the opponent) or an air strike, which covers a large area. To maintain the morale of every game you will be accompanied by militant pretentious music. In this section of the website you will be able to try to play online games Battleship completely free, without any viruses, money pitfalls and sms. You do not have to download anything - just look for your favorite picture or a screenshot from the game, click on it and the next moment you find yourself already in the midst of the sea battle. This unhurried game does not require you crazy reaction or sverhvydayuschegosya mental abilities - just look at the field and click the mouse over the squares to send fire your guns. Play a game of Battleship can be nothing else to do, both at home and work - even if you will approach the head - you can always quickly minimize the browser, then re-deploy and continue the battle.

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