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Nowadays, quite a rapid development of modern technology gave all the parents a very useful thing , the so-called teaching techniques . Even today, not necessarily sit for hours with your child about different teaching books and swiftly bring them to understand the differences between cubes and what colors are used to paint the rainbow. To the aid of modern parents come all sorts of educational cartoons and computer games . The development of such games involved experienced teachers and experts in contemporary fine child psychology. During the proper use of such applications , your child will develop very quickly. And at the age of three, your baby will be able to surprise you with its phenomenal knowledge . The first tried and rated American network users , then such razvivalki and came to us . One of these is the well-known and effective cartoon character named Dasha . Games Dasha traveler designed for kids from the age of six or seven years. In the course of this game kid learn the most elementary rules of behavior and basic knowledge of English and arithmetic. Dasha Barnett games help any child to easily assimilate new information in the process of passing toys, as advised many modern psychologists . Here for example , many game series Dasha and Slipper ( so to call a monkey helper Dasha ) allow the child to learn to solve unpretentious and intricate arithmetic puzzles . But the game Dasha tracker show the kid how to behave and polite conversation with other people who have the game you will be asking the right path , or ask for help to solve the problem . Your baby can safely play with Dasha and it helps to learn the most basic words and simple sentences in English . Clear guidance on such a small teacher your child is in the form of the game can easily remember a few foreign words. And in this type of games you can learn not only the pronunciation of English words directed , but also their correct spelling . Such games are able to distract your child from their regular antics . After all, he'll be playing Dasha traveler as much time as he wants. And in the meantime you have the opportunity to do whatever their useful. This opportunity can positively assess any parent who has a large growing restless . A colorful and vivid picture of the game instantly attract the child's attention for a long time and he will not be distracted from such a fun toy . Load the game about Dasha your baby and you can easily entertain your child and teach him various useful skills at the same time .

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