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Life is a struggle with life. Ever since childhood, we begin to manifest the instincts, the ones who help us and suggest what to do. The girls developed the instinct of motherhood, boys - to fight and defend their interests. Juvenile bullies who climb into battle with the cradle - it's in their blood. Of all the types of martial arts, CIS developed boxing. From ancient times in Russia loved "to wave" with their fists, and to show its strength. Karate, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Sambo, Wushu and other forms of martial arts are not so much attracted the attention of our people, and even cause not a good response from them. Boxing is simple, it is similar to a common street fighting style when you start frantically trying to protect themselves from an attacker, forget all that when they taught, and begin to wave their arms in different directions. Around the world rolls over, and you could be seriously hurt, having beaten the desire contact with the sport, or vice versa, to push you to work on yourself, and become stronger in the future abuser. Of course there is a huge difference between an amateur and a professional, as someone who has chosen a path of boxing, doomed to a hard life, though full of interesting achievements and victories. Fighting - it's always painful. Even if it will hurt for you and your opponent, so let's remember the good old internet and its limitless possibilities. Why needlessly consume power and energy if you can fight and on the Internet. Boxing online game - that's what we need in order to give us something to die down somewhat. We go in, we mean what some social network, looking for a man with whom want to fight, we offer him a box set online, and call it an honest fight. And then Suck their players, match the power and reach, and perhaps you even become friends with that person. You see this in the future? Defeat his greatest enemy and become his best friend - sounds good. All disputes must try to solve a civilized manner, this is our main instinct - to be human. Among all other online games, boxing games are the most popular, and collected a huge number of players around the world. Is it better to play the senseless MMORPG, which is not even logical sense, with a pale story from which you can fall into a coma, or a fight with a friend, foe, or vice versa, and throw in the keys or joystick all of your anger? The answer everyone has to find for himself, because some people like to play Tetris and simple good old sapper, ignoring the difficult client or browser-based online games.

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